About us

               Charles Athelstan came about from the inspiration of the
               two Kings. King Charles II (1660-1685) and King Athelstan
                (894-939). King Charles II stayed in Faversham during the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, The plaque for this located in Faversham is ‘This House as residence of captain John Trowts (Mayor 1660), “Herein he entertained King Charles II, whose exile at Breda he shared”. King Athelstan was the first king to be crowned King of all England during the period of the Anglo-Saxons (927-939) when he died. King Athelstan held a council meeting at Faversham which led to him having the road, Athelstan Road named after him.


“The Charles Athelstan brand is about our history and links to royalty who have been associated with my hometown of Faversham in Kent. We are about quality products made to last, allowing these historic links to influence this ethos, our designs and culture, bringing a product to people who want a part of history mixed with a modern look, something unique.

The Guildhall, pictured here is still functional today as it was when King Charles 11 visited the town.

During 2015 the whole town celebrated a weekend in June dedicated to the finding of one of the few original Magna Cartas'

Harry Hill seen wearing the Charles Athelstan marble cap

Garage legend Mc Neat